May (2017) Reflections

How is it the last day of May already? This month was a whirlwind, for sure. I feel grateful that we were able to travel to graduation and that the kiddos were able to spend a week with us here. I have truly marveled at the beauty of Spring every day (as well as at the number of grey days this month).

You can see how much the front bed has filled in!

My Hobby Adventures this month have been limited to current pursuits (garden, baking, yard, Fargo The Terrible, blogging) vs trying new things, but that’s fine. The veggie garden is planted and mulched.

Planters and hanging baskets are done, with the flowers we picked out as a family. I am anxious to see how they all fill out over the summer months, assuming Fargo doesn’t pull off all of the flowers when I’m not looking.

Strawberries are ripening and, though it’s early yet, I’m hopeful we may have enough for some jam.

And there’s so much more. Upcoming will be a post about our step project, and hopefully one or two about the pergola project (hopefully, because I’m hoping we’ll get to it), and of course, more Fargo picture posts.


Fargo The Perennial

It’s quite amazing that every year I can still be in awe of the amount of weeds in our perennial beds, and how the grass encroaches so quickly. We work so very hard to grow our veggies, but the weeds don’t seem to need any help to flourish. This spring was no different than previous in terms of the hours and hours and hours we (mostly me) spent weeding and pulling grass.

Here is a picture from the day we really went to town (dogwood blossom photo bomb in the top left corner).

This pathway is a bugger to keep clear. It’s not just the weeds and grass, it’s also the bee balm and the black eyed susans, etc. that want to spread between the stones.

It started to feel like we were making some progress, though the opportunity to weed NEVER really ends. I’m not sure Fargo agreed with this assessment.

In one area, the grass was so prolific that we decided the better option would be to just dig it out and start over. I need to research a native perennial or two to add into the open spot, but in the meantime, Fargo The Perennial will keep it warm.

In the few weeks since I took these pictures, the perennials have exploded in growth. I’ll share a few recent pictures in the next post.

Saying Goodbye Still Stinks!

Had such a wonderful few weeks. As always, we loved having the kiddos home and the week went by WAY TOO FAST. They left yesterday. I gave myself the day to be sad and for my heart to hurt.

I looked back at a few pictures from the week. This one, while watching Moana together (which we loved), isn’t great quality, but it makes me smile.

I was productive through the tears yesterday. I did some cleaning and planted the cabbage and broccoli in the garden. I had some help over the weekend to get the tomatoes and peppers in. We usually wait until at least Memorial Day to plant, but the tomatoes were out of control tall and spindly. Hoping the forecast is right and there are no surprise frosts.

Hoping to get my brain, and my body, back in gear this week.

Very Scary Storm

It’s been another crazy week, which started out with a WHOPPER of a storm on Monday. I had been watching the radar and I knew we were under a Tornado Watch. I usually fill up pots with water (no power=no water), but I was too focused on watching the radar to think of it.

Fargo and I were in the house when it hit and we were both freaked out by the horizontal rain and unbelievable winds. The power went out almost immediately. Luckily there was enough daylight for me to quick grab the candles and matches. Just when I thought it was a situation where we needed to be in the basement, the wind started to slow down.

It was very loud between the wind and the rain/hail, so I apparently missed the fact that a tree came down across the street in front of the house. I found this out when a young woman showed up at my door because her car was trapped between the tree out front and another downed tree in front of our neighbors’ house. Fargo was quite happy to have a visitor, but my heart and adrenaline were on overdrive after the scare of the storm and a stranger at the door. She was very nice and pretty freaked out herself. I’m glad she thought to pull into the drive and knock.

We noticed the police down the road trying to get that tree moved, so the young lady decided to leave. She ended up helping some other people moving the tree in front of our house so they could get by.

If I look for the up side of this tree lying on the ground, I guess we have a better view into the field.

Turns out, there were many more trees down and many utility poles. There was a confirmed tornado just a few miles away and winds of 70 mph were recorded here. Our power was out for 24 hours, which luckily, was 24 hours less than originally predicted. There were quite a few of my friends who had 48+ hours without power.

If you stand at the end of our driveway and look left, you can see a big brown thing. That thing is a root ball from a massive, MASSIVE tree, that thankfully fell away from the road. Here is hubby standing next to it for size perspective.

Here it is from the side.

Another tree is hanging across the canopy and will likely come down at some point.

All in all, we are incredibly lucky that we had no damage to our property. I don’t need to see a storm like that again for a very long time, or better yet, ever. Thank you to the power company workers and first responders who were out trying to help and to get our power back on as quickly as possible.