December, Part III

It’s been a few days since the Part II post. We were away to fetch the youngest after her semester abroad and now SHE IS HOME!!! The nest is full once again! Seeing these two together was the best thing ever.


Fargo has two snugglers to choose from for a few weeks.

B and Farg

While we were East, we swung by to see my friend Beth. She contacted me after my post about getting a grain mill for the pretty kitchen power tool to offer us some grain. It is always nice to see her and holy cow, she started us off right on the grain front. THANK YOU BETH!

jars of grain

Fargo was excited about the grain too and photobombed!

grain photobomb

One thing about being in a neighborhood is that it is easier to get out for walks, and we walked a few times each day. Hubby and I saw a beautiful holiday/winter sunrise scene one morning though the picture doesn’t capture the striations of color in the sky.

a-town morning

During some browsing, we found an interesting interpretation of a tree. I kind of like it.

bottle tree

Hopefully my next post will be a report on the grain milling.



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