Early Early Mornings

I’ve been up since 4 am. Over the winter break I had been doing better, sometimes sleeping until after 5 am, but I seem to be back to the “way too early” wake up times again. I really don’t mind, though it makes it hard to stay conscious after 9 pm.

The past few years I have grown to appreciate the morning time. Sometimes it’s productive, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it’s solo, sometimes Fargo The Terrible snuggles with me, and sometimes it’s like this:


It ALWAYS includes coffee!

When I share with people that I wake up in the 4 am range, they freely tell me I’m nuts. It’s most often not a choice. Why lay in bed getting frustrated that I’m not sleeping when I can just get up and use the time as I want. Is it so different than people staying up til midnight or 1 am? My internal clock seems to have a mind of its own, so I either go with it, and appreciate the quiet and the amazing sunrises and the puppy snuggles, or I fight it and miss my favorite time of the day.

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