It was a good day, it was a Fargo The Terrible day…

I put the early morning hours to good use today, or should I say that I put some more of the hubbard squash to good use. I tried another recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction:

The recipe was slightly more labor intensive than I had thought upon first read. It didn’t help that as I was adding the melted coconut oil to the (cold) squash puree/yogurt/maple syrup mixture, Fargo needed to go out. Upon our return, I saw that the coconut oil had become solid on top of the puree mixture. I had never even considered that possibility.

I tried mixing it back in, but that was not working at all. Luckily I hadn’t added the eggs yet, so I scooped out as much of the solid oil as I could (along with some squash), and re-heated. The second time it all went a little more smoothly.

I didn’t have mini chocolate chips, so I added a few regular chips on top of each muffin before putting it all in the oven. The muffins are not very sweet so the chocolate chips really compliment the flavor. I think they are pretty darn yummy.

Here are my cell phone food photos:

chocolate muffins

more chocolate muffins

Last summer, we tried to start leaving Fargo out of the crate for longer and longer periods of time. He fooled us a few times, going weeks between being destructive, but eventually we had to crate him every time we left the house. For me, it means that I feel like I am tied to the house any time I am not at work because I don’t want him to be in the crate any more than necessary.

After the first of the year, we thought we’d try again to leave him for short periods of time. The past week has gone really well. An hour here, 45 minutes there, almost 2 hours last night. Hubby came home for lunch today and since I was going to be home less than two hours after he went back to work, he left Fargo out. I got home and all was well.

Then I let Fargo run around outside for about 20 minutes, played more fetch with him inside, and thought I wore him out. So, I left him loose while I went downstairs to hit the treadmill for 4 miles. Hubby came downstairs about 30 minutes later with this in his hand:

mangled glove

One of my new gloves. OH FARGO!!!!! The gloves were up on a table, not even within easy reach. At least it wasn’t another piece of furniture or another area rug. But I had just started to get my hopes up that I would have a little more freedom and a little less crate guilt. Fargo The Terrible decided it was not to be.

I did have a good run at least. Not as strong as the run yesterday, but still good. Day 2 of official half marathon training checked off on the calendar.

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