Spring ’17 Continued

I have been having fun taking flower and Fargo pictures.

Tulips in the morning.

Same tulips in the afternoon.

Fargo loves being out in the sun, but I’m not sure he’s really able to relax.

With a ton of help from Fargo…

The first round of veggie garden weeding is DONE! Unfortunately, there will be many more rounds because the only thing we don’t have to work hard to grow is weeds.

2 thoughts on “Spring ’17 Continued

  1. Your flowers are beautiful! When I see so much blooming and leafing out and greening up, I can see why spring had such a magical, mystical quality for early people. After the dark spareness of winter, the world comes to life again. No wonder they had spring festivals and fertility rites and celebrations. It feels like the earth itself is celebrating.

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