Saying Goodbye Still Stinks!

Had such a wonderful few weeks. As always, we loved having the kiddos home and the week went by WAY TOO FAST. They left yesterday. I gave myself the day to be sad and for my heart to hurt.

I looked back at a few pictures from the week. This one, while watching Moana together (which we loved), isn’t great quality, but it makes me smile.

I was productive through the tears yesterday. I did some cleaning and planted the cabbage and broccoli in the garden. I had some help over the weekend to get the tomatoes and peppers in. We usually wait until at least Memorial Day to plant, but the tomatoes were out of control tall and spindly. Hoping the forecast is right and there are no surprise frosts.

Hoping to get my brain, and my body, back in gear this week.

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye Still Stinks!

  1. I know how you feel. When they’re home, it’s such a sense of completeness, and then they head off again. I’m thankful that they’re healthy and happy and able to manage on their own–every parent wants that. But the family movie nights are just so heart-filling. And saying goodbye still sucks.

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