This has been my life the past two weeks!

Resulting in 24 jars of

4 Quart bags of frozen strawberries and multiple

Hubby’s first go at homemade crust was a home run

Meanwhile, first big year for this guy

I spent many hours pitting (which is a pretty good excuse to watch Netflix/TV)

So we could have

Between strawberry and sour cherry, I think we ended up with 6 pies. I froze 4 cups of cherries, and there are more staring me in the face right now. Also…I noticed some black raspberries ripening…

5 thoughts on “Berry-Cherry-Palooza!!

  1. I know you’re getting sick of them, but to me it sounds like heaven! I can’t get over how heathy all your plants are–we’re so plagued with funguses, etc, because of the humidity. But you’re having a banner year for sure!

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