Canning Strawberry Jam

Three years ago, as we stared at a kitchen table covered with grapes, we had the brainstorm that we should make grape jam. We had never made jam, or done any canning. Instead, we had been packaging and freezing any extra garden goodies. But there were many, many grapes staring back at us from the kitchen table.

Here’s the thing, grapes require the extra step of squeezing the inside from the outside. Do you know how long it takes to squeeze enough grape insides from the skins to make a few jars of jam? I won’t even try to tell you in numbers, let’s just a A LOT! But it made some delicious jam.

Last summer, we had a CRAZY bumper crop of strawberries, so we thought strawberry jam might be a good idea…and it was! Still work, but a lot less work than grape jam. We still froze a ton, and gave away a ton as well.


making jam

jars of jam

Oh, and we also made strawberry pie (and saved some for when the girls came home to visit that August…fyi, it’s not as good after freezing).

fresh strawberry pie

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