Baking Weekend

In addition to a lot of painting, some running, and a bunch of errands, there was baking. I tried a new cookie recipe, a new bread recipe, and I made more of those AMAZING Ginger Chewie cookies. They came out beautifully again the second time around…and what a perfect texture.

The new cookie recipe was from the same blog as the Ginger Chewie recipe. I had seen cookies somewhere that included ricotta cheese, so I bought ricotta and then apparently didn’t bookmark the recipe. When I was browsing the Vegging at the Shore blog (where I found the Ginger Chewies), I saw a Pumpkin Ricotta Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and thought I’d try it. I had thawed some more Hubbard Squash, therefore I was ready.

One thing I did not have was the mini choc chips, so I added some chocolate chunks to the top of each one.

pumpkin ricotta cookies

pumpkin ricotta cookies 2

They are good, but not my favorite. Maybe it’s the consistency, it’s a little more cake-like, because the flavor is nice. I am not sure these will be on the favorites list, like the Ginger Chewies are.

Last night I mixed up dough for Rosemary Sea Salt Dutch Oven Bread as it needs to sit for 12 hours. I used a recipe I had found back when I was just starting to discover all of the MANY food blogs.

I bought a small container of fresh rosemary at the store, it cost around $2.50 and after I chopped it up it was ¼ cup. I looked at the recipe again and saw that it said ¾ cup. I just did not think that could be right, not only because of the cost, but the flavor. I read through some of the comments and did not see anyone refer to the quantity of rosemary, but decided to stick with ¼ cup. I also used bread flour instead of all purpose because hubby bought some to try with the old bread machine.

When I worked with the dough this morning to form it into a ball, it was super sticky and super stretchy. Baked up beautifully and is very light and airy and I think the amount of rosemary I used was fine as I can’t imagine it tasting any better with more rosemary.

rosemary sea salt bread

rosemary sea salt bread 2

rosemary bread 3

It is nowhere near as hearty as the sunflower flax seed wheat bread I’ve been making. I feel like I am eating something healthy when I eat the other bread which reduces guilt, but this one is a nice change up and I will have fun making it sometime when we have company. Along with the Ginger Chewies, of course.

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