Not Your Momma’s Meatballs

A few days ago I came across a recipe for Italian Veggie Meatballs. It was on the same site as the Ginger Chewies (LOVE THESE) and the Pumpkin Ricotta Chocolate Chip Cookies. They looked pretty interesting and I had some homemade spaghetti sauce from the Fall I had defrosted and needed to use.

italian veggie meatballs

I used a mini cupcake tray. The only thing I would do differently is bake them for longer (but I was too hungry to wait). They really could have been browner.

veggie balls cooked

Can you see the beautiful kitchen power tool photobombing the “meatballs?”

Hubby and I both thought the taste and texture was pretty wonderful.

veggie balls in bowl

As I write these posts, I sometimes wonder if the girls would have opted to go to school closer if they had known this is what I’d be doing with my empty nest time. Kidding, but I do feel guilty at times that I didn’t do all of this when they were growing up. Tried to make up for it a little by sending out a batch of Ginger Chewies yesterday.

I haven’t brought the kids up in a while, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t miss them every darn day. We feel pretty lucky to have the technology we do in order to keep in touch and, of course, to send them pics of the food and goodies they are too far away to enjoy 😉

On the house project front, we finished painting the stairs yesterday morning (this picture is from when we had half of the stairs painted):

half painted stairs

They look great. And we’ve finished painting the doors, trim and walls. These pics are during the painting to show the difference. It used to be completely white.

partially painted stairwell

almost done painting

We love it! There will be more rooms with paint colors like this…next winter that is. The floor still needs to be put down and the bathroom still needs to be re-done and that will take the rest of the winter.

At that point, it will be time to start turning our attention to…

tim garden


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