Bread and Jam

This was probably about the 15th loaf of bread I have made since I began the whole Dutch Oven Bread thing. It is a combination of the Sunflower Flax Seed recipe (really, just minus the seeds) and the Rosemary Sea Salt recipe (I added some dried rosemary). Every loaf has turned out beautifully.

more bread

sliced bread

In the middle of winter, there is something very wonderful about eating warm, homemade bread. Well, probably ANY time of the year it would be a wonderful experience. But, then add in homemade jam from your own fruit.

I love opening a new jar, the way the shiny surface looks:

new jar of jam

And then, the thick jam full of fruit:

jam on knife

This is when we reaffirm that the Cannin and Jammin work we did over the summer is all worth it.

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