The Art of Being Comfortable

I have taken A LOT of pictures of Fargo since he came to live with us. A LOT! I have taken so many because he is such a character, even in relaxation mode. A few months after we adopted him as a puppy, my mom replied to the latest picture I sent her by suggesting I start a blog entitled, “the art of being comfortable.” I did not follow her suggestion, but I am going to start a series of posts (now and then) under this heading.

It was obvious from the start that Fargo had no qualms about being comfortable in any situation, no matter how silly he looked:

fargo puppy crate


He often used (still does) one of us as a prop/pillow.

fargo and b

Which, in this case, meant that when he was so tired that he just crashed, I had a puppy butt staring up at me.


And certainly, “modesty” is not a word in his vocabulary.

fargo sprawl

Not much has changed besides how much space he takes up on the couch (this was two days ago):


He cracks us up!


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