Empty Nest is Hard

But thank goodness for technology.

When I was pregnant with the eldest, I remember a conversation with my mom where I said something like, “I have always been able to picture myself being mom to a baby, but I just can’t picture myself as a mom of older children.” Her answer has stuck with me for 20+ years, and it was,” you don’t have to be able to picture it, it just happens.”

And it did. Seems like it was a blink of an eye and we were on a plane dropping the first one off at school, and then a year later, dropping them both off. During the in between years, we worked very hard at balancing nurture and fostering independence. Taking care of our girls, and teaching them to take care of themselves. But the one thing we insisted upon, was that they keep in contact. They had a lot of independence in making decisions about what they did, as long as they kept us in the loop and kept in close touch.

Technology has helped us tremendously. When we all made the decision that the eldest would go to school VERY far away (have I mentioned the girls are VERY far?), the deal was that she would check in regularly, at least once a day, preferably when she was in her room for the evening. Not only would she be far away, but she would be transitioning from small town life to big city life.

It was stressful for us, me probably more so than hubby, but we both worried. Still do, to be honest, but it got easier in a way, when the youngest went out. We are incredibly lucky that they are together, and that they are good friends in addition to being sisters, and they take care of each other. This is an amazing thing, for so many reasons.

When they use technology to send us pictures like this, it makes our hearts happy.


We love using face time and texting and facebook and now, snapchat. Seeing their faces every once in a while instead of just getting texts or hearing voices, is wonderful. Seeing how happy they are, makes a huge difference. As hard as it is some days to walk around the house and seemingly hear it echo, technology has helped us to adjust because we are still able to keep in close contact.

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