Dessert for the Over 21 Crowd

A friend made Irish Car Bomb Brownies a few weeks ago and it sounded so interesting (and hubby loves beer) that I asked her to share the recipe.  Given that it is St.Patrick’s Day, I thought it was a perfect time to make them. In preparation, a few days ago I read through the recipe blog post, including the comments and was surprised that some of the comments were fairly nasty about the title of the treat. The blogger responded in a very professional way (she used the same response more than once) by giving a short history of the alcoholic mixed drink, Irish Car Bomb, which has been around for years.

Yesterday evening, I made the brownies, but had to wait until this morning for the topping. I think that mixing up this brownie batter left me with the biggest baking mess yet. The flour/cocoa powder mixture just kept poofing out of the bowl every time I added some, no matter how much or little I added.


This picture doesn’t even do the mess justice. Also, every time I added the Guinness, it splashed out over the counter, onto me, onto the floor. I really have no idea what I was doing wrong, but I was obviously doing it wrong over and over again.

Also in the comments, a lot of people said their chocolate batter (there are two batters), came out pretty runny. Mine definitely did not…

thick batter

It has three different varieties of alcoholic beverages. Guinness in the (supremely) chocolate batter, Bailey’s Irish Cream in the white batter, and Irish Whiskey in the ganache. The instructions said to line a 9 x 13 baking dish with tin foil, which I had never done before. I decided that is not my favorite way to go. When I tried to add the batter to the baking dish, especially as thick as my batter was, the foil kept sliding all around and I don’t think I got my swirl on like I was supposed to.

swirled batter

Let me tell you, these are some heavy duty brownies. It baked up somewhat akin to a fudge-like consistency.

baked brownies

It was really, really hard to leave them cool and not sneak a little taste before bed, but we managed.

This morning I used a ton more chocolate, melted it with cream and whiskey for the ganache.

alcoholic brownies

THESE. ARE. AMAZING!!!! No doubt about it, they are delicious. I’m not sure I can taste the individual types of alcohol included, but it’s a fantastic combination. Each piece of brownie weighs a ton, but it’s a ton of chocolaty goodness. The only down side is that they are definitely not swirled enough and there are a number of brownie squares that don’t have enough of the Baileys batter.

brownie goodness

We’ll get it right the next time…or the next time…or the next time. We’ll just have to keep on baking and eating these until we get it right 😉



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