Week 10

Week 10 is over, only 4 more weeks to go. Apparently Week 10 is when I get weary. I did a long run two weeks ago on Sunday and then last week’s long run on Saturday. That meant a 30 mile week, which was a lot. Maybe that day made a difference, or maybe Week 10 is just when I get tired if I really stick to a training plan. Which I did. Until today.

I have had a twinge in my left achilles for a few days. It’s nothing major or painful, just a twinge now and again, but it’s making me a bit nervous. The twinge, in addition to the weariness led me to shorten this morning’s run. I only cut off 1.4 miles of a 5 mile run, but in doing so, I broke the training plan streak.

Rationally, I know it means nothing overall in terms of race day. And really, with what is going on in the world and in the lives of some of my friends, it means even less than nothing. I knew before I got on the treadmill this morning that I was going to shorten the run and I knew it would bother me, and it’s still bothering me. I always tell people to “listen to your body,” and that’s what I did. Apparently listening to your body is easier said than done.

Week 10 also brought some nice weather. I had a decent 4 miler outside on Wednesday and then Fargo and I took advantage of the sun and warmth to hang outside and play (and do some weeding).

fargo running

Then the boys did some playing.

t fargo playing

t fargo bumper

Hoping for a nice long run on Sunday and that next week, the miles (and the body) feel better.


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