As we’ve been doing more and more cooking/baking, the hubby and I have found that we are also researching the best tools to use in these endeavors. So far, our main purchase (which I still like to admire) was the KitchenAid Stand Mixer. We’ve added some smaller things along the way as well, but in terms of big ticket items, that was it.

More recently, we’ve looked at cookware. We have a mish mosh of pots and pans, many of them hand-me-downs, with little thought to what types of surfaces, materials, uses, etc. We have two stainless steel frying pans, probably some of the newer cookware, that are beautiful, but EVERYTHING sticks to them. I’ve tried oils and butter, and it’s always a mess to clean them after use. However, I’d like to get away from the nonstick coatings that have potentially toxic ingredients.

An unfortunate reality in all of this is that quality cookware is so so so expensive! And in reading reviews, there are always negatives for every brand and finish and shape and size. These are the things that freeze me in a state of indecisiveness, not just for cookware, but sometimes, in life. Making decisions can be hard. Maybe it’s hard for everyone, but it is especially hard for me. It is time consuming to figure out the options, to do all of the research necessary to really understand the options (I’m still working on the sneaker thing, for goodness sake!), to weigh the options, and then, possibly, make the actual decision. 

Apparently, the hubby decided he had enough information to get us started on cookware. He bought me a large saute pan for my birthday. It is beautiful.

saute pan

It is so beautiful, that I just looked at it for a few days. I did this with the pretty kitchen power tool as well. I have finally washed it, so it’s ready to use, but I may just have to look at it for a while longer. This is to replace the pan that I use at least 3-4 times/week. The one that is in pretty rough shape. The one that probably needed to be replaced a few years ago.

It is an incredibly thoughtful birthday gift, for many reasons, not the least of which is the time that hubby spent researching with me. We looked online, we looked in stores, we read reviews, and he patiently listened to all of my pros and cons. He knew I would continue to make a decision through indecision and he used my birthday as a way to move us forward. This a high quality piece of cookware, and if it holds up, I’m hoping we can slowly add more of its kind to our kitchen…now that a decision has been made.


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