Back of the Pack: Runniversary

Next month is our 11th runniversary. Next month is eleven years since we first decided to run a Half Marathon and did our first training run. Eleven years since we thought 2, mostly flat, miles was soooooo far to run, and since we ran loops around the block to be nearby if the girls needed us during the many minutes it took us to run those 2 miles.

We’ve marked this milestone every year with a “wow, can’t believe another year has gone by,” but this year I wanted to also take some time to reflect on what running has added to my life (our lives).  This list assumes the health and fitness by product of running.

  • Time for quality conversations with my girls when they were older and would run with me. Especially my eldest, who trained with me and completed a 15k and two Half Marathons.

Disney half

Eldest with her bling

  • Ditto this one with the hubby, especially when the girls were younger and uninterrupted conversations were harder to come by.
  • Spending hours talking with some spectacular running partners throughout training cycles for different events.
  • Re-connecting with old friends, and making new friends who have become a huge part of my/our lives.
  • Discovering running routes and areas of town I hadn’t necessarily paid attention to before.
  • Raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through Team in Training which made me feel slightly less helpless when my dad was battling lymphoma.

TNT shirts with names

  • Raising money for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) twice while training for the Marine Corps Marathon to help those whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice.

TAPS hero

  • It gave us the opportunity to role model healthy life choices for our girls.
  • It allowed us to experience a variety of running events, big and small, near and far. We learned what a runcation was and planned several.

Girls at Disney Marathon

  • We got to where we knew enough about running that we were, and are, able to help and encourage others who would like to start running and/or run events.
  • It’s a great excuse to buy cool running gear in awesomely bright colors.
  • When I run, I feel proud of myself and my family is proud of me.
  • There’s always the BLING!!!

MCM Bling

  • Every once in a while, there’s that perfect running day that makes all of the less than perfect ones worth it.
  • Running has helped me learn more about myself, about setting goals and mapping out how to achieve them or at least put forth my best effort.
  • It’s made us realize how important volunteers and spectators are at running events (especially for this back of the pack slow poke) and therefore, we’ve all done both volunteering and spectating.

Lonely at the back

  • It’s done wonders for my self confidence (but then, so has growing older and wiser…right?).


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