Still PB Cookie Challanged

Given how much we love peanut butter around here, I thought I’d make another stab at a peanut butter cookie. I also thought I’d try to use a recipe without flour. And chocolate always makes things better, right? So, a recipe with peanut butter and chocolate must be a good one. I chose Sally’s Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cookie recipe.

Actually, this recipe usesĀ almond butter, and has a link with instructions on how to make homemade almond butter. I have almonds but I didn’t have enough, so I subbed peanut butter. How different can one nut butter be from another? Good question. I also used Special Dark cocoa, because, “dark chocolate” is in the title.

First thing, the batter was awfully hard to get mixed:

choc pb batter

Second thing, the cookies NEVER look like they do in the picture!

choc pb uncooked

I even tried to flatten them with a spoon, like she recommends and I added chips on top because I had so much trouble mixing the batter that I didn’t want to try and mix in the chips too.

The cookies look almost exactly the same cooked as they do uncooked.

choc pb baked

The flavor is good, though maybe a little overwhelming with the dark chocolate cocoa. They still just want to fall apart when touched. I can’t get that part right. These cookies likely won’t go in the favorites.


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