Berry Baking I

It is berry time. As I previously mentioned, the strawberry crop this year was not stellar, but the blueberries and black raspberries have been plentiful. I posted a request for favorite black raspberry recipes on facebook and my friend, Beth, shared one for Blueberry Crumb Bars and said she thought black raspberries would work in it as well.

I did a few┬ánew things with this recipe, I zested a lemon (I looked up how to do this on the google machine…as my youngest calls it).

lemon zesting

I used a pastry cutter, not only for butter, but also for an egg.

pastry cutter butter and egg

After I put the layers together and began baking it, I remembered I wanted to take a picture before putting it in the oven. When I opened the oven for the picture, I was really unsure as to how it would turn out with the big blobs of butter all over the place. There is A LOT of butter in this recipe.

berry bar oven

I was also a little nervous about the moisture content of the black raspberries versus the blueberries, so I added a bit of extra cornstarch. I subbed in half white wheat flour for the white flour, which I often do, but this time I wasn’t sure about that decision.

It sure looked beautiful when I pulled it from the oven.


Even more beautiful when I cut it and I could see the layers.

berry bar layers

Luckily, all of my worrying was for nothing because the crumb bars were amazing! As a matter of fact, there is another batch in the oven right now. The filling is closer to half and half blueberries and black raspberries, as the blueberry crop is coming on strong right now as the black raspberries are on their way out.


berry bar close

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