Berry Baking II

On the same day that I made the Berry Crumb Bars from the previous post, I also made a recipe I saw posted by another friend on facebook.  Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars sounded lovely and refreshing, and also called for zesting lemons, which I knew how to do at that point.

The recipe used a graham cracker crust, and this might sound ridiculous, but I wanted to use a crust I baked myself and not one that started with pre-made graham crackers. I remembered the base layer for the Boozy Pecan Praline Bars I made a few months back and thought it would work well with the cheesecake.

According to this recipe, you bake the crust first. Sure looked and smelled good.

cookie crust

I think that the next time I make any cheesecake, I am going to put the cream cheese in the microwave, even if it has been setting out and it is room temperature. No matter how much I mix it, it still seems to have chunks in it. I also tried to use up some coconut sugar, which affected the color a bit.

Pre-bake pic, you can’t really tell the color difference, but you can see the cream cheese chunks.

lemon cheesecake pre-bake

Post-bake doesn’t really look much different, mostly the color of the blueberries. I may have used more blueberries than called for because the idea was to use up blueberries!

lemon cheesecake post bake

Thoughts on this recipe include, two lemons was too much lemon for us. The lemon flavor was pretty overpowering, especially if the idea is to focus on the blueberries (which it was in our case). The cookie bottom was good and held up after a day of sitting in the fridge. I already mentioned the cream cheese and coconut sugar issues. Given that we really enjoyed some of the other berry recipes we tried, this one is good, but probably lands more towards the bottom of the list.


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