New Sneaks New Training Cycle

It’s that time once again, since back in April I (insanely) decided to register for another race. Actually, 3 races…two shorter events on Saturday and a Half on Sunday. I have so many incredibly amazing running friends who eat endurance events for breakfasts, and I wanted to be like them (and the medals from last year were WAY cool).

Most of my amazing friends could go out and do the three events I registered for without breaking a sweat. But for me, every mile is an effort, and it takes me a long time to build up enough umph to make it through a Half, let alone adding a good chunk of miles the day before. Unlike the Half in April, my goals for race weekend have nothing to do with speed, and everything to do with getting to each finish line. It will be a bonus if I can get to the finish line of the Half and feel human!

Whether it was a good idea or not, I registered, so here I go with the 14 week training plan again. I am going to stick with the same plan I used for the April event, but I’m bumping the Fri/Sun miles to Sat/Sun to get used to running longer back-to-back miles. We’ll see how that goes and whether I’ll need to do that on alternating weeks in order to save my legs…and sanity.

Just in time for the new training cycle came new sneakers. You all may remember my Sneaker Rant a few months back. I was very unhappy, and I wasn’t the only one, about the changes that Hoka One One made to the Cliftons when designing the 2’s. Well, the 3’s came out on July 1, I bought a pair that day, and they arrived a week later.

clifton 3s

Thank goodness Hoka went back to a lot of the things I loved about the original Clifton. The sneaks immediately felt good when I put them on. I’m pretty sure my feet were actually telling me they were happy! I’ve since run in them twice. The first time was a 5 miler on the treadmill. Outside of a little heat on the balls of my feet towards the end, they were great. The second was a outdoor 3.6 miler and again, overall great, just a few little things that I think will work themselves out.

Speaking of that 3.6 miler, it was yesterday morning. I woke up a little late and started talking myself into just heading to the dreadmill in the basement. This, of course, was after I had to talk myself out of ditching the run completely. In the end, I got my rear in gear and drove to my usual running spot.

It was an incredibly beautiful morning and I was so very glad I pushed myself out the door.

mm morning run

It was a morning for running outside. It was a morning made for reflection on the seemingly insane world we live in. It was a morning for me to try and appreciate running alone, which is not one of my strengths.  It was even a morning for a few hill repeats.

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