Unique Visitors

Over the past few weeks, we have had a few unique visitors stop by. Actually, since we’ve moved in we’ve had many interesting visitors, some I’d be happy to never see again (though hubby may not agree), and others make me smile.

One evening, not long after we moved into this house, there was a bear at the back of the property which I didn’t see. I let our yellow lab out and he took off barking and growling across the yard which he had never done before. It was then that I saw a bear climbing a tree with our dog yelling at it from the base of the tree. I screamed COME quite¬†few times, in more and more of a panic, and finally he came back to the house. The bear climbed down and took off on his merry way. That is an experience we have not repeated and I hope to never repeat, especially since Fargo might want to play with a bear…yikes!

The summer we brought Fargo home, we had a few turkey hens who decided our trees were the perfect roosting spots for them and their poults. It was cool for a while when they showed up in the mornings and the evenings, until our yard became an obstacle course of turkey poop, which puppy Fargo wanted to eat. We still see turkeys, which we enjoy, but luckily they haven’t been here quite so frequently.


This year, we had a hummingbird visit…in our garage. As much as I love to see hummingbirds flitting around our flowers or feeders, having this one in the garage was not a positive experience.


As you can see, that sucker loved the ceiling. I could not get it to fly low enough to go out the garage door. I lowered the door part way to make an opening at the top…nope. I looked for help online and tried standing still holding a rake up high for it to land on so that I could slowly move it out the door…nope. I left the garage door cracked all night for it to leave…nope. The next morning I looked in the garage and it was sleeping on the motor to open/close the door. I decided to try and open the window at the back of the garage, which was no easy task given how much “stuff” is piled in front of it. I then punched out the screen. That little birdie was tired and I was able to use the girls’ old butterfly net to “help” it out the window. Hoping I didn’t hurt it at all, but it certainly couldn’t stay in the garage.

One afternoon when I was sitting out back, this little guy showed up.



I thought this was pretty cool. Til it wasn’t. That bugger wouldn’t get off! And once I did manage to shake it off, it started dive bombing me. Turned a little traumatic, I must say.

A few weeks ago, my parents came in. They like to bring balls for Fargo (more on Fargo’s balls in another post). This time they brought a big, bouncy red ball. We left it outside for a while and there was another creature who thought it looked fun.


When we put the bird feeders out, we get lots of fun visitors, including woodpeckers.


woodpecker II

We get human visitors on occasion, and we always enjoy them as well.


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