Berry Baking IV

The past few years a berry baking favorite has been Blueberry Buckle. This is one that hubby enjoys putting together and our family/friends look forward to it. I must say that he’s not quite a neat a baker as I am. I like to put things away as I use them since we have so little counter space to begin with, but baking chaos seems to work for him.

messy counter

We are also different in that I tend to mess with recipes a little bit while he sticks to them like glue. Luckily we have mostly both been successful with goody outcomes ranging from good to amazing. Blueberry buckle not only includes a lot of home grown blueberries,


but also crumble on top…everyone loves crumble!

blueberry buckle

It’s almost a shame to cut it, and it’s actually not easy to cut it, but we manage.

slice of buckle

We also made a few blueberry pies, the one I made was good, but soupy because I forgot to add the tapioca…oops! This doesn’t get its own post because it’s frozen crust and a basic Joy of Cooking recipe. It is yummy though.

blueberry pie

I think Fargo is getting tired of all of the blueberry picking.

fargo blueberries

Between Fargo and the growing garden, we do have a lovely views while picking.

blueberry garden

We really need rain at this point. I think we’ve had about a tenth of an inch in a month. It’s time for Mother Nature to share some liquid with our gardens.

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