Fargo’s Balls

No, I’m not talking about THOSE balls, the shelter we adopted him from neuters/spays all animals before adoption. I’m talking about the many balls he likes to play with. He likes to play with them so much that wonderful people give them to him as gifts.

You might recall it all started with the soccer ball during the coldest days of Winter, when it was too cold outside for the amount of activity he needed (and we needed) to remain sane. The soccer ball has been well loved and has been outside most of the Spring and Summer.

soccer ball shed

mangled ball

Next came the blue ball, a Jolly Ball, a thoughtful surprise gift from a friend and fellow dog lover. You can tell this picture was taken a few weeks ago, before the drought.

blue ball

He loves to bite it and stomp on it and feel the air come out of the little valve hole.

blue ball2

Then there was the BIG red ball, which the fawn liked too, but which popped pretty quickly when it got shoved under the composter. So, grandma and papa got him a BIG pink ball. Boy, can he dribble that ball across the yard at top speed. He can also run into everything with the ball at top speed, which is not necessarily a good thing.

pink ball

It has lasted way longer than anticipated, but it’s deflated enough that he can grab it and carry it around. And you can see that he also has another Jolly Ball, a red one, that is pretty solid but good for pushing/dribbling around the yard.

It’s a big decision which to play with each time we go outside. What I now understand, is that it’s never too hot for BALL!

balls 2



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