Obedient Plant

Back when we first moved into this house, the landscaping was already beautiful. The people who lived here before us did a wonderful job getting it all started. In the front bed, there was a good sized patch of tall spikey light purple flowers. It was the perfect size for the first 3 years or so, and then I noticed that it was starting to take over the rest of the bed. Around year 5, I ripped much of it out. Each year it still came back, but not quite as thick.

Here is a picture from this year, it’s continues to hang around:

old obedient plant

The past few years, we’ve done a lot of reading and research on native plants and the benefits of converting from non-native ornamentals, to natives. Two years ago we even went to a local native plant sale and spoke to a Master Gardener, who recommended the Obedient Plant. Sounded like a good option, so we bought a small one, and planted it on the side of the house.

Imagine my surprise this spring, when I saw how big the plant had grown, and what it looked like…

new obedient plant

I’m not sure if you can tell, but there is a crap ton of Obedient Plant in there, and guess what, it’s the stuff I had ripped out of the front bed. I couldn’t believe it!!! The hubby and I ended up having a pretty good laugh over it, and I guess it’s a native, so that’s something. But who goes and plants the same thing she just ripped out? I guess I do.



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