Flight 93 Memorial

Yesterday the hubby and I went on a road trip. I will tell you about the Mother Earth News Fair in my next post, but our first stop was the Flight 93 Memorial. I have been to the Memorial in NYC. These are both very solemn, very impactful and very beautifully designed memorials and yet, they feel completely different. I realize that part of that is due to the overwhelming crowds of people who were with us in NYC while, for a while, we were the only ones yesterday. Of course the settings are extremely urban vs rolling hills rural. But there was something else I couldn’t quantify that I know I felt in both places, but in a different way. I will stop there and just share some pictures, though pictures cannot replace the experience of being there. Visiting any memorial is a way to recognize tragedy, sacrifice and loss, and we should all visit when we can.

misty morning

“A common field one day. A field of honor forever.”


memorial area

wall of names

field of honor

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  1. Thank you for this blog. While the memory of Flight 93 is part of the September 11 remembrances, the geography of the sites are so different and yet so visually American.

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