My Nemesis…the IT Band

I was all set to write my Hobby Adventures post, and then I got derailed by my long run this morning. I haven’t talked about running as much lately, partly because hubby’s running days are over and that’s been hard, but I’m still plugging away. I have that crazy (for me) two day event coming up VERY soon. I haven’t been as dedicated with my mileage, but I have been running 4 times/week with back to back weekend runs.

This morning was supposed to be a 10 miler, the last long run of the training cycle. Just over a week ago I did something, I have no idea what, to my Achilles tendon. All of a sudden I had pain/burning and then swelling. I was freaking out, but between my hubby, my Running Girls, and my friend Beth, I calmed down. I iced and did some exercises and stuck with bike time last week, but I missed all weekend running miles, and it was supposed to be my biggest mileage weekend.

Yesterday I tested the Achilles out with 3.5 on the nice flat treadmill. Seemed to go pretty well. I was nervous about this morning. I went out there and took it slow, walked up all of the big hills, etc. What I didn’t do, was plan for my IT Band to CRAP OUT ON ME! This honestly has happened at least once each training cycle for the past 10 years and I usually have issues in the final miles on race day, so you think I would have been prepared. I always worry about the darn ITB, but I was so focused on the Achilles that it caught me by surprise.

I have to say, that this week, with the bike time, I can’t remember if I stretched the same way as I do after each run. My hips did feel tight in the early miles this morning. Maybe I unknowingly altered my gait to try and baby the Achilles.  No matter what, it stinks and it really made me sad and angry and nervous. It still hurts right now, though usually within a day or two, with stretching, it is fine. That is what I’m hoping.

Best guess, I did just over 8 miles. This was not how I wanted the morning to go. There was going to be a lot of finger crossing for the body to cooperate on race weekend, and now there will be toe crossing as well.

On the up side, I already have two cute outfits planned for race weekend.

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