Sweet Potato Bonanza

Right now, there are a TON of sweet potatoes curing in our basement. We planted about  1 2/3 rows in the garden this year. We had a pretty banner crop last year too and they lasted well into the winter, but I think this year handily beat last year in every way.

We have been growing sweet potatoes for a few years now, and there has been a learning curve. We found out the hard way that you can cook potatoes while attempting to cure them if you’re not careful. Even this year we’ve had a few casualties so far.

The first few years we planted two different varieties. Two years ago, our amazing 85 year old neighbor gave us a few Bunch Porto Ricos (the link is informational, we have not bought them from the site) and hubby started his own slips. It is always super cool to watch the process from beginning to end, which is why I start my own plants from seed instead of buying them at a store.

We were so pleased with them last year, and this year again they were beautiful at first glance even while still in the ground.

sw pot garden 1

Pretty color, good size and fairly blemish free.

sw pot garden 2

Since the girls don’t use their snow disc any more, it’s become a potato transport. This was the smaller row’s worth of produce.

sw potato disc

digging potatoes

Here is how hubby set them up so he could tarp them with the ceramic heater.

potato racks

And for a size reference, I had a smiling hubby stand next to the racks. The lighting in this part of the basement isn’t great, but you can get a good idea.

hubby potato

We will be doing our Forrest Gump imitation soon…sweet potato pie, roasted sweet potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato scones, sweet potato casserole, sweet potoatoes in African Stew…


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