Peony Party 2019

We interrupt the very wordy Builders Challenge blog posts to bring you pictures of the amazing Peony Party of 2019. I guess the copious amounts of rain has pleased the peonies, because they have been spectacular this year. They are sadly already on their way out. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen these, but I felt they were worth a blog post.

Bonus dianthus with a pretty visitor.

Appreciating The Homestead

We’ve been spending a lot of time working outside and I’ve been trying to stop and really look around and appreciate our hard work and the beauty we’ve created (despite the weeds). I’ve felt pretty good about the cell phone pics, but one of these days, I might just get a nice camera.

We are getting pretty close to jungle status out front. You can see that even with the amount of lambs ear I pulled, there is still plenty left.

jungle status

Fargo likes romping through the flowers.

Fargo larkspur

Our peonies don’t last long, nor do they remain upright for long, but they sure are beautiful while they do last.

pink peonies

pink and white peonies

I love the nigella. This is one I took of a flower just blooming.


Here are some that bloomed a few days earlier, with a deeper coloring.

nigella 2

I need to get a picture of the post bloom seed pods, which are apparently very popular for dry flower arrangements.

Coral bells.

coral bells

Plenty more for another post. Hope you feel like you are getting a personal tour!