Sunrises and Sunsets (and the first week of training)

One of the things I am learning about myself as I get older is that my tolerance of the frigid temps (and the heat/humidity) gets less and less each year. As mentioned in a previous post, my bedtime and wake-up times have shifted earlier the past few years. I see most every sunrise, but in the summers, I sometimes miss the sunsets. I LOVE sunrises and sunsets, so one positive about the shorter days in winter is that I see them both.

I take so many pictures of sunrises and sunsets. They are cell phone pictures, so that does not always help convey the beauty. Pictures in general cannot necessarily capture the beauty, but I keep trying.

sunset 1

Sunset 2

sunset 3


These are some of the better ones, but still, the real life versions were just so much more amazing.

Also, a note about the first week of the new Half Marathon Training Plan we are trying…DONE! BAM!! Got outside for two of the runs and the other two were on the treadmill, including the 6 miler due to daylight/temps/snow. Including a 2 mile walk on the TM for cross training, it was a 19 mile week for me.

This week the Friday run increases from 4 to 5 miles. The highest weekday mileage is 6. These are high for me due to the length of time it will take me to run them, but I am going to do my darndest. My treadmill pace for the 6 miler yesterday was about 20 seconds/mile too slow for a PR, but it’s early and the long runs are supposed to be slower, right?