Appreciating Our Homestead

I love our house/property, and I have since we moved here more than 10 years ago. In the last year or two though, I am trying to more purposefully take time to observe and notice. I am using the day-to-day beauty of the flowers and the veggies and the fruits, and the hard work that goes along with it, to help me with missing the kiddos every day. It seems to help me stay (at least slightly more) centered.

The blog and my newer enjoyment of taking pictures also helps. So, while I’m waiting for us to make more progress on the pergola, I thought I’d share a few flowers with you.

The bee balm was beautiful again this year, though it gets a powdery mildew pretty quickly.

And the echinacea did really well.

Daylilies with larkspur and bee balm make a pretty color palette.

Of course, having Fargo The Terrible around helps (most of the time).

Veggie garden, blueberry and pergola updates coming soon!

May (2017) Reflections

How is it the last day of May already? This month was a whirlwind, for sure. I feel grateful that we were able to travel to graduation and that the kiddos were able to spend a week with us here. I have truly marveled at the beauty of Spring every day (as well as at the number of grey days this month).

You can see how much the front bed has filled in!

My Hobby Adventures this month have been limited to current pursuits (garden, baking, yard, Fargo The Terrible, blogging) vs trying new things, but that’s fine. The veggie garden is planted and mulched.

Planters and hanging baskets are done, with the flowers we picked out as a family. I am anxious to see how they all fill out over the summer months, assuming Fargo doesn’t pull off all of the flowers when I’m not looking.

Strawberries are ripening and, though it’s early yet, I’m hopeful we may have enough for some jam.

And there’s so much more. Upcoming will be a post about our step project, and hopefully one or two about the pergola project (hopefully, because I’m hoping we’ll get to it), and of course, more Fargo picture posts.


Pretty Pictures

I haven’t been doing much experimenting with new recipes, mostly baking the tried and true. Hoping that cooler weather will come through soon and usher in some inspiration to try Fall themed goodies.

Over the weekend I was sorting through pictures from the spring and summer and there are some that did not get posted, which should have. I think that the post-long weekend funk is a great reason to have some pretty pictures to look at.

It was a great year for larkspur, until the rain stayed away too long.


Larkspur II

The larkspur and lavender together were awesome!

lark and lav

Lack of rain impacted the white and pink echinacea as well, beautiful in the early part of the summer.

wh echinacea

pk echinacea

Beautiful choral bells this year.

choral bells

The former strawberry tower, which stunk as a strawberry tower, came into its own as a flower tower this year.

flower tower

Bergamot/bee balm brought in the hummingbirds.

bee balm

And the black eyed susans were the only color around during the worst of the summer drought.

bk eyed susan

I will leave it at that for now. There are more. I have really been enjoying taking pictures of food and flowers and goodies and veggies, etc. Thank you for letting me share them with you.