Playing With The Fancy Camera

One of these days, I’ll understand the light issues/adjustments. But otherwise, I’ve been having some fun. A few turned out pretty neat. I could literally take sunrise and sunset pictures every darn day and never get bored. Of course, I never seem to get bored or tired of taking Fargo pictures either.

Three of the many balls in the yard.

Poor attempt at fixing color issues due to incorrect light settings.

More playing with color adjustments.

Social Media

I am not well versed in social media. I get by with Facebook and I’m still learning Snapchat a year later. Hubby and I only finally agreed to let the girls put Snapchat on our phones because it would mean hearing more frequently from them (though I do admit it’s been fun). Although I understand that the idea of Snapchat is that the pictures disappear and, therefore, don’t take up room on phones…I may or may not screenshot some…or a lot.

As I try to figure out what my goals are for this blog, expanding into more social media platforms seems to be a good step. Having an empty nest is different for everyone and it would be nice to draw in others who are figuring out how to approach their new normal. Creating a space to mutually support each other as we try new hobbies, or second careers, or travel more, or deal with crazy puppies, etc. would be fantastic.

So, with the help of my girls, this blog now has an Instagram:


And a Twitter:


Fargo is pretty pumped to be the star of all of my social media pages.

fargo paws

I’m thinking that the next step will be a Facebook page. Oh, and figuring out how to best use it all. Suggestions are more than welcome.


It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago I started this blog. I probably don’t have any more readers than I did a year ago, but it’s been a really great personal project. I have gone back to posts about recipes and activities for reference and I’ve used it to reminisce about the past year. A huge thank you to those of you who have read, supported and contributed thoughts, ideas and supplies to this venture!

You may have noticed that there has been no mention of running since the big running weekend in October. There has actually been no running since the big running weekend in October. With hubby’s running ban, I’ve tried to get out walking with him almost daily. Definitely easier on some days than others at this time of year. Maybe the new year will bring back some running mojo…maybe?

It’s been great having the girls walk with us.

family walk

Fargo continues to add “The Terrible” to his name in terms of leash manners. Every time I think we’ve made some solid progress, he does something TERRIBLE in terms of pulling and lunging behavior. I so want him to just walk nicely for us. He also still zoomies, which can be painful/dangerous if you are in the way. Everything we read says most dogs are done with the zoomies by age one. Fargo The Terrible is going on three and he is obviously NOT most dogs.

Then he does this and The Terrible is forgotten:

fargo leg snuggle

fargo b chair

I think my baking skills have progressed pretty well, and the next post will be about the first go with the grain mill. Now that I have different grains, and new bread baking book (thanks hubby!), I am excited to try some different breads.

We are still cleaning the garage (mostly hubby is still cleaning the garage) with the idea of creating work space. I have done more cross stitch lately in the attempt to get back to hobbies and try new ones. I have yarn for a knitting project and will soon be getting wood for a furniture building project. Good indoor winter stuff.

I have used the eldest’s camera to play with photography more than just with a cell phone.

tufted titmouse

dec winter sunrise

The next decision will be what to do with the blog. After a year, am I ready to see if anyone else is interested in empty nest trials, tribulations and adventures? Am I ready to try and attract more readers beyond family and friends? I have purposely avoided common tags, and made up funny and obscure ones, which hubby always points out with a “aren’t tags supposed to help people find you?” Maybe it’s time to be less obscure.



December, Part II

THE ELDEST IS HOME!!!! She brought her bestie with her for a few days. And their wish for snow was granted. Not a ton of snow, but enough for it to look pretty and give them a dose of Winter.

The nest is partially full and Fargo is happier. Hubby and I may be just a little bit happier too. Fargo is also pretty happy about the snow and about playing in it with his popped soccer ball (this is why we can’t have nice things).

fargo snow ball

fargo snow ball 2

Bundle up!

bundle up

This makes my heart happy.

happy fargo

Counting down the hours til the nest is FULL!!



Fargo The (not quite as) Terrible

Fargo turned 2 a few weeks ago, yet another reminder of how fast the time flies by. The eldest is now looking at her senior year of college and the youngest is marking the halfway point. Fargo was a sharp toothed, piranha-like, crazy puppy when we brought him home. He was destructive, and loveable, played rough, and was a snuggler, bit toes, and gently nibbled ears. For a while, we had a love/hate relationship, but mostly love.


We still have things to work on. He is still convinced that every human and every doggie want to play with him, therefore, he is terrible on a leash. He waits patiently for them to get close and then he OVER enthusiastically lunges to get to them, that’s how much he wants to play. Not everyone/doggie wants to play with Fargo as he imagines they do. The leash issue is something we keep saying we are going to work on, as it limits our options for doggie care.

Knocking on wood as I type this, but we have not had him in the crate for about a month. Unfortunately I still feel the need to make a sweep around the house as soon I get home to look for a new corner of a carpet to be demolished, or more stuffing from a piece of furniture to be strewn across the floor. So far, so good, which is huge progress.

Fargo still zoomies around the house, a behavior which we read about and which was supposed to trail off after age one…. True, it doesn’t happen nearly as often, but he still zoomies around the house at top speed, making sudden 180 degree turns on carpets, taking cues from NASCAR as he dives on the couch at top speed and banks off across the back to change direction.

He still plays rough, not really sure of his personal space boundaries. He has never ever been intentionally mean or aggressive, just gets a little too close as he is running around and bumps into us, or returns a toy with a little too much enthusiasm, etc. I’ve come close to getting taken out a time or two, so hopefully the rough and tumble will start to ease up.

As each day goes by, it is hard to see the subtle changes in his behavior, but when we stop to so an overall look back at the last two years, Fargo has come a VERY long way. No doubt he loves us, he loves to snuggle and to be with us, he loves to entertain us and make us happy. We feel the same way about him and we definitely appreciate how he has matured.

fargo pillow

Sometimes the quiet in the house can be deafening. I wasn’t sure about getting another dog after our beloved lab, Gus, left us.  Now I can’t imagine not having Fargo The (not quite as) Terrible in our lives. He is truly the Empty Nest Puppy we needed and we certainly try to be the best humans for him.