Fargo’s Balls…A Pictorial

Fargo The Terrible loves his balls, his many, many, MANY balls. Yesterday, Grandma and Papa got Fargo a new ball to replace one that was leftover from Gus. We had purchased the original from Cabela’s way back when the Hamburg, PA store first opened. It had a ball inside a ball with holes large enough for paws to get through. (Note the two other balls in the background)

The interior ball finally dry rotted enough to break into pieces. Apparently the larger ball is not nearly as interesting without the smaller ball inside of it.

Before revealing the new one, let’s first reflect on Fargo’s other balls. This is not, however, an all inclusive list.

ball destruction

fargo snow ball 2

blue ball

You get the point, he loves them all. But since the new one arrived, almost 24 hours ago, he is a DOG OBSESSED!!!!! If we put the new ball in the bathroom to give it (us) a rest, he sits outside and stares at the door. He even decided it needed to come up on the couch with us.

He is one entertaining piece of work!