Butternut, Black Beans and Beauty

Our winter squash crop was not abundant this year. Hubby battled vine borers in the spaghetti squash plants and the extreme wet/dry spells took a toll on all of the plants. Here is our crop yield.

winter squash

Our first spaghetti squash was part of a very pretty dinner plate a few nights ago, one of the last of the year with food almost entirely from the garden.

garden dinner plate

Last night I opted for one of the butternuts. Over the winter I made a Black Bean and Butternut Enchilada dinner, which was pretty good. Last night I put together a similar dish, but without the tortillas added. I followed the basics of this recipe.

I made it much more colorful by using red onion and the last fresh green pepper from our garden.

onion butternut

butternut skillet 1

And with the black beans.

bk beans butternut

It was delicious with cheese and chips!

bk butternut chips

On an unrelated note, I was able to catch a bit of the beautiful sunrise yesterday morning.

campus sunrise