Strawberry Pie

Our strawberry crop this year was disappointing. After last year’s crazy berries out our ears crop which resulted in many jars of jam, multiple pies, and bags of frozen berries to be used throughout the Winter, this year was definitely lacking. Not only were there fewer strawberries, but they were smaller and in order to beat the chipmunks and crows to the punch, we picked them earlier and therefore, they were not nearly as sweet.

We had enough to enjoy in dishes of yogurt and bowls of ice cream. We froze three small containers of sliced berries. And we just made 2 pies. There will be no more frozen berries, no jars of jam at all, and only 2 pies.

The pies came out pretty yummy, so thought I’d write about them and share some pictures. We used a Strawberry Pie recipe we found last year, and though we keep saying we’re going to attempt homemade crust, we haven’t yet.

It took a few days worth of strawberries to have enough for two pies. And then we sorted through for the nicest to place on the crust:

strawberries lining crust

Mash and simmer the rest with some sugar and corn starch:

simmering strawberries

Hubby did not feel it was getting thick enough so we added a bit more cornstarch/water mixture to it. It was so good I may have licked the saucepan…

Distribute over the two pie shells:

hot strawberry pies

They are definitely filled to the top, and there was enough left over to use as topping on ice cream (YUMMY!).

Not only amazingly delicious, but pretty too (apologies for the blurry picture):

pretty strawberry pie

Hoping we have better luck with the black raspberries.