Return of Fargo The Terrible

The past few months we have worked really hard on leash manners. A friend mentioned that she had used a little squirt bottle with water as a deterrent for leash pulling, so we tried it. We were pretty pleased with the results. A little spritz of water with a firm “no pulling” was seeming to do the trick. He still had some sudden zigs and zags when smells are too tempting and my reflexes weren’t quick enough to nip those, but overall he was doing much better and we were walking a lot more.

I have no idea what happened this past week, but we had the Return of Fargo the Terrible!! Pulling, zig zagging, having “I need to run to every person and every dog” freak outs, etc. Earlier in the week, I was glad hubby was done walking because I had  had it with Fargo and so left  Fargo in the car with him and did a solo lap.

For the next walk, we opted for a different place that rarely has other people/dogs around. It didn’t matter, Fargo was back to his antics and I was getting upset. I really thought it would be better yesterday morning, though I’m not sure why I thought it would be better, so went to the more remote spot again. It is a mile long loop and the first loop was reasonable. Then my good friend showed up, with her little dog (whom Fargo had walked nicely with a week prior) and it all went to shit. Fargo was truly TERRIBLE! It was a mile of wrestlemania 🙁

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper, and I have some sore muscles this morning. I guess the water bottle needs to come along for every walk again. I definitely do not want to feel this upset with him. Although there was no punishment, because he certainly would not have understood, I think he knows I’ve been upset. He was quite snuggly this morning.

fargo snuggly

Also, it’s hunting season and so we attempted this.

fargo orange


Oh Fargo: Spring ’16 Edition

In the past few days, my head has been spinning over personal and world events. While there is a lot I want to say, I have realized that I have no idea how to even say some of it, let alone all of it. I decided that pictures of Fargo is the way I need to go.

A few weeks ago I planted flowers in our three patio pots. I took a picture over the weekend of how pretty they were looking as the plants filled out and the flowers started to bloom:

pretty flower pots

Unfortunately, Fargo decided flower petals were very fun to pull off. Hubby was “outside” with him but really he was reading and not paying attention to the new game Fargo was playing.

flower-less pots

Previously, I had a picture of a blue bird sitting on top of a blue bird box. There are babies in the box and they are making some interesting sounds. Fargo felt the need to check it out after he observed the momma bird exiting the box (the birds are used to us and to Fargo and were not disturbed by his curiosity).

fargo bird babies

We are still using the soccer ball obsession to wear him out, though he’s doing a good job of destroying the ball in the process. This is why we can’t have nice things:

mangled ball

Fargo is not known for subtlety when it comes to “PLAY WITH ME”:

Fargo T ball

Fargo pees on the mint (so much for putting it in iced tea), runs through the perennial beds, steals strawberries, and is an all around mischief maker. Fargo also makes us smile and we love the little bugger.

fargo raised bed


It was a good day, it was a Fargo The Terrible day…

I put the early morning hours to good use today, or should I say that I put some more of the hubbard squash to good use. I tried another recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction:

The recipe was slightly more labor intensive than I had thought upon first read. It didn’t help that as I was adding the melted coconut oil to the (cold) squash puree/yogurt/maple syrup mixture, Fargo needed to go out. Upon our return, I saw that the coconut oil had become solid on top of the puree mixture. I had never even considered that possibility.

I tried mixing it back in, but that was not working at all. Luckily I hadn’t added the eggs yet, so I scooped out as much of the solid oil as I could (along with some squash), and re-heated. The second time it all went a little more smoothly.

I didn’t have mini chocolate chips, so I added a few regular chips on top of each muffin before putting it all in the oven. The muffins are not very sweet so the chocolate chips really compliment the flavor. I think they are pretty darn yummy.

Here are my cell phone food photos:

chocolate muffins

more chocolate muffins

Last summer, we tried to start leaving Fargo out of the crate for longer and longer periods of time. He fooled us a few times, going weeks between being destructive, but eventually we had to crate him every time we left the house. For me, it means that I feel like I am tied to the house any time I am not at work because I don’t want him to be in the crate any more than necessary.

After the first of the year, we thought we’d try again to leave him for short periods of time. The past week has gone really well. An hour here, 45 minutes there, almost 2 hours last night. Hubby came home for lunch today and since I was going to be home less than two hours after he went back to work, he left Fargo out. I got home and all was well.

Then I let Fargo run around outside for about 20 minutes, played more fetch with him inside, and thought I wore him out. So, I left him loose while I went downstairs to hit the treadmill for 4 miles. Hubby came downstairs about 30 minutes later with this in his hand:

mangled glove

One of my new gloves. OH FARGO!!!!! The gloves were up on a table, not even within easy reach. At least it wasn’t another piece of furniture or another area rug. But I had just started to get my hopes up that I would have a little more freedom and a little less crate guilt. Fargo The Terrible decided it was not to be.

I did have a good run at least. Not as strong as the run yesterday, but still good. Day 2 of official half marathon training checked off on the calendar.