Panzanella, Potatoes and (a) Porch Step

It was a busy week, but there is some fun stuff to share. We took the new grill on its maiden voyage, moving it from the garage to the patio and then testing it out.

In case anyone is wondering, far left is for searing, next is a gas grill, next is a charcoal grill, and last is a smoker. This is one large monster of a grill. Happy birthday/early Father’s Day to the hubster.

We used the grill to cook ingredients to try a Smitten Kitchen recipe, Grilled Pepper and Torn Mozzarella Panzanella. I mostly followed the recipe, though I used balsamic vinegar instead of sherry vinegar, I didn’t peel off the pepper skins, and I added a few kalamata olive pieces. We put our finished product on a bed of lettuce and let me tell you, it was so good that there were NO leftovers. A friend mentioned that she had never made panzanella (which beat me because I had never heard of it) because she thought the bread would be soggy. This bread was not at all soggy after being grilled. I predict this will be a summer staple.

As for potatoes, a quick check in on the sweet potato slips that, so far, look pretty good.

Other than replacing two tomato plants, we always keep a few extra til we’re sure, the rest of the garden seems to be hanging in as well.

The patio step project is on the list because both of the steps leading from the back of our house are rotting. Here is a picture of the right side step.

Here is the left side, pulled away from the house. Gross. We don’t even use that step and the wood is disintegrating at the meeting point.

So, hubby spent a good bit of time designing new steps, keeping in mind the pergola that is going up (SOON I HOPE!!!). The original design had two steps on each side, one step on the same level as the house. After building the bottom step, we are going to wait a while and see if we think we need two, as we like the way one looks. I do think, however, that we might have made it a board width smaller if we anticipated only doing a single step. It’s a large step.

Maybe we should call it a steck? It’s almost a combination of a step and a deck. Bottom line though, it’s a vast improvement over what was there and hubby did a pretty great job.

Pretty Pretty Floor and Fargo the Soccer Dog

The painting of the hallway/stairwell, and the laying of the floor has been completed. We are super happy with the results!

finished floor

There will likely end up being a carpet runner, both for Fargo to lie/stretch on and because there is an echo now. Next up is the bathroom.

Ever since we started letting Fargo play with the soccer ball he is obsessed. When we put it away, he stands and stares at the place we hide it (obviously the hiding spot is a good one). Given the crazy muddy state of the yard, and the rain over the last few days, he’s had more soccer ball time. Of course, his favorite thing to do with the ball is push it into my feet…over and over and over and over again.

fargo ball feet

Once the yard permits, I think it will be fun to take the ball outside and see if he enjoys playing with it in a more open setting vs bouncing it off walls and furniture…and me.

My long run was outside, but my weekday miles have all been on the treadmill. I was worried about 6 miles on a Tuesday morning after a hilly Sunday 8 miler, especially since the legs were still feeling the Sunday run, but it went super well.