A Stronger Long Run

We were on the road this weekend, which meant finding a place for my 9 miler and packing all of my gear. Hubby is nursing a knee injury so volunteered to bring his bike and ride along with me. We found a 5.3 mile loop, which meant including an out and back of about 4 miles at some point. As hard as I am trying to run every mile on the training plan, I am not ready to just throw an entire second loop onto the tally.

What we didn’t anticipate is that it would feel as cold as it did. It was very damp and there was a very chilly breeze. Hubby put up a good front and did the first loop with me, but it was just too cold on the bike, especially since he was going so slow to be with me that he wasn’t working hard enough to generate any body heat for himself.

I really appreciated the miles he did with me though, and by the time we finished the first loop, there were quite a few more people around and I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable about running by myself.

T on bike

It was one of the better long runs I’ve had lately. I kept true to my 5/1 intervals the entire time (except once or twice when I didn’t hear my watch beep, but I cut the walk part short on those). I’m also fairly certain that I had some negative splits in the later miles. That made me super happy.

Behind me in the picture is a sharp turn that leads to a .4 mile uphill. I ran this twice, didn’t stop to walk either time.

M on trail

As hard as the last few miles of my run were last weekend, I was grateful for the last few to feel stronger this weekend. Crazy how I can finish one long run and think, “no way do I have any chance at a PR,” and then the next week my mind allows that there might be a chance.

I was really touched that the hubster went out of his way to support me on this run. We’re still hoping he’ll be able to run the half. He’s kind of irritating in that he could probably go out and run a half tomorrow without a whole lot of training vs me, who can not do that.

Last week was a fairly high mileage week, but this one drops back a little. I think my legs are ready for the lighter mileage.