A Smattering of Stuff

Quick unrelated note: It seems that my pictures are appearing sideways on some platforms. I am working to fix it and in the meantime, I apologize.

Hello! Hoping 2019 is treating you well so far. Due to weather and the ongoing garage insulation project, I’ve been working on a smattering of stuff. It’s all good, and I am getting some small things done, but I know what my next project will be and I’m super anxious to get started on it. I definitely need Mother Nature to cooperate a bit more.

I’m trying to expand the food repertoire a little and cooked a new recipe from Pinch of Yum, Vegetarian Swedish Meatballs. It was amazing. I loved it and ate way too much, and wanted there to be way more leftovers than there were. Somehow I didn’t end up with as much sauce as I think I should have, so will make more next time.

Did I mention that I LOVED THIS DISH?!?!?

An exciting shop related item is that I bought a random orbital sander. I opted for corded vs adding to my cordless collection for two reasons. When I picked up the RIDGID cordless sander, it was heavy. Once I added the battery, it would have been WAY heavy. I didn’t think I would be able to manage it for an extended period of time. Once I made that decision, I tried the grips of the corded sanders. I have pretty small hands, so it matters. I chose the DEWALT because the grip was the best and they have a great reputation.

I follow Gator Finishing on Instagram and really enjoy their feed, so decided to support them with my first sandpaper disc purchase.

Since we built the lumber storage rack, it has been used as a quick repository. We’ve tossed many (mostly smaller) pieces of wood in there along the way, and the disorganization shows. I decided to use some of the wicked weather condition time to try to inventory and organize the cart. I did a post on Instagram asking any woodworkers out there how specific they were with inventory, but only received a few responses.

After I pulled all of the smaller pieces out, I actually measured and logged most of them. Maybe that’s weird. I did figure out that I have a bunch of the wood for my next bigger build already, which is fun.

Two final items. Our headboard, and part of Tim, were featured in a Weatherwash ad. I was ridiculously excited.

And last, I’ve been taking part in the Yoga With Adriene 30 Day Dedicate program. It was a recommendation from the youngest, and randomly echoed by a few other friends. I have really enjoyed it, more than I ever would have thought. Fargo has been doing way better than me in his stretching and relaxation though.

Power Tools

Over Thanksgiving break, I had one of the best surprises ever when my youngest showed up for the week. And I mean it was a HUGE surprise! One evening she was watching a show on Netflix and asked if I wanted to join her. It was a baking show, The Great British Bake Off. Up to that point, I had no interest in watching cooking/baking shows and I did not watch reality/competition shows. But I wanted to be with her.

I loved the show. Not only did I watch that episode, but the entire season on Netflix. Hubby watched most of the season with me. Then we watched The Great Holiday Baking Show, and then the Holiday Baking Championships, totally hooked.

At some point, we decided that this might be a thing for me/us to get deeper into. As previously mentioned, the empty nest thing is hard, and figuring out what I want to focus my newly found time on (besides Fargo The Terrible and running/walking), is hard. The shows made it look so creative and so fun, outside of the stressful, competition part.

When we have done the little bit of baking here and there, we’ve used my grandmother’s old stand mixer. It is fairly small and only has a set of beaters. After watching how all of the bakers used the (very pretty) stand mixers on the shows, I started researching. I thought I should have some good info to present to hubby about why we needed a new one.

As luck would have it, the one I wanted was a KitchenAid Artisan series mixer, and a friend found a super duper pre-holiday sale deal on those that she shared with me. When I brought it up in conversation with hubby, his response was that I should know by now that he loves power tools.

That was way easier than I had anticipated 🙂

Here is the new baby in Gloss Cinnamon:

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

So pretty, right? We’ve used it 6-8 times so far and love it. A little hard to scrape the sides of the bowl without getting a little messy, but this baby mixes like a champ!