Return of Fargo The Terrible

The past few months we have worked really hard on leash manners. A friend mentioned that she had used a little squirt bottle with water as a deterrent for leash pulling, so we tried it. We were pretty pleased with the results. A little spritz of water with a firm “no pulling” was seeming to do the trick. He still had some sudden zigs and zags when smells are too tempting and my reflexes weren’t quick enough to nip those, but overall he was doing much better and we were walking a lot more.

I have no idea what happened this past week, but we had the Return of Fargo the Terrible!! Pulling, zig zagging, having “I need to run to every person and every dog” freak outs, etc. Earlier in the week, I was glad hubby was done walking because I had  had it with Fargo and so left  Fargo in the car with him and did a solo lap.

For the next walk, we opted for a different place that rarely has other people/dogs around. It didn’t matter, Fargo was back to his antics and I was getting upset. I really thought it would be better yesterday morning, though I’m not sure why I thought it would be better, so went to the more remote spot again. It is a mile long loop and the first loop was reasonable. Then my good friend showed up, with her little dog (whom Fargo had walked nicely with a week prior) and it all went to shit. Fargo was truly TERRIBLE! It was a mile of wrestlemania 🙁

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper, and I have some sore muscles this morning. I guess the water bottle needs to come along for every walk again. I definitely do not want to feel this upset with him. Although there was no punishment, because he certainly would not have understood, I think he knows I’ve been upset. He was quite snuggly this morning.

fargo snuggly

Also, it’s hunting season and so we attempted this.

fargo orange