Scary Scarecrow

Well, we hope it’s scary, at least to the crows. Last summer we thought a critter or two had managed to get into the garden when we saw ears of corn that were significantly damaged. A few days later, we caught the crows in the act. They are destructive buggers and there are a lot of them around.

At first we tried tying aluminum pie pans across the garden, but the wind out here was too much and the pie pans were taking off with the gusts. It was then that we got out the makings of big scarecrow.

Fargo wasn’t too sure of this new addition (and I’m pretty sure he realized the head was a dog toy):

fargo scarecrow

The hubby did such a great job, I got confused for a minute:

t scarecrow

And we both did a lot of double-takes when we walked out the back door, or looked at the garden from the road. But our scarecrow seemed to do its job well.

This week (later than usual) we got the garden planted. All the starts and the seeds in the ground and straw shaken:

2016 garden

And then the next day, the crows arrived. The top of one pepper plant was ripped off and some of the sweet potato starts that my hubby had nursed into being were pulled right out of the ground.

The scarecrow is back again (and Fargo still isn’t sure what he thinks of it):

2016 scarecrow

So far, so good, no new destruction. Hoping those crows stay FAR FAR AWAY!