Celebrating Spring With Seed Starting

Yesterday I got the garden seeds started. There are only 2 trays this year as we are determined to have fewer plants to tend in order to focus on projects on the to-do list. Fewer tomatoes this year, no brussels sprouts or cabbage or beans or peas, etc. We are planning a smaller herb/lettuce garden and then tomatoes, peppers (lots of those for canning), cucumbers, sweet potatoes and winter squash.


I started four types of peppers, two types of tomatoes, and a random assortment of broccoli seeds from a “broccoli blend” packet.

seed starts

Hubby got the shelves and the lights set up. This will be their home for the next 2+ months.

I logged the first double digit mile run yesterday since MCM training last Fall. We ran a day early because the weather predictions for today were pretty dicey. The weather today, as it turns out, is fine…cold, but dry. But it was a reasonably good 10 miler, with great company, quite a few hills (walked the largest one), a few¬†longer waits at traffic lights, lost gloves (but found them later) and a little sun here and there. Nine weeks of training completed!