Mother Earth News Fair

The second piece to our day trip, after the Flight 93 Memorial, was the Mother Earth News Fair. We have wanted to attend for the past few years, but the timing wasn’t right. A few months back I received a promo email for a great deal on a flash drive with 40 years of Mother Earth News articles and two weekend passes to the Fair. I ordered them. We’ve been magazine subscribers for probably 10 years and have learned a ton about homesteading. We do what we can in our current living situation, but we are in no way close to being off the grid.

The first thing we encountered when we arrived, was a HUGE line of cars on the windy road that leads to the parking areas. It probably took 20 minutes just to get to the parking lot, then there were buses (or you could walk) to get from the lot to the Fair. Unfortunately that meant we missed the first session we had planned to attend.

This was the first guy we ran into upon reaching the main vendor area.


Cute, right?

We spent the next  hours wandering around the many booths, both indoors and outside. In order to fuel up for the big day, we thought we should try some kettle corn. We bought a bag from Urban Kettle. SO SO SO GOOD!!

kettle corn

Not far from the kettle corn booth was KingView Mead. We did a little mead tasting (at 10:30am) and ended up purchasing two bottles from them. They give 10% to help the bees, which we appreciated. We entered a raffle to win a bee keeping kit from them, but I guess we didn’t win.


Next to KingView was HaloDips. They had about 20 different dips you could taste test. We picked out 5 and I’m anxious to mix the first one up–if I can decide which to choose.


After the first round of booths, we meandered to the area reserved for booths with animals. There were some beautiful heritage breeds represented. Sheep, alpaca, goats, bunnies, cows and more were among the booths selling hand spun yarns, felt, clothing, feed, fencing, and so on.

These colors at the Underhill Farm booth grabbed me. Thick strands with a core. I have no idea what I would make, and they were justifiably spendy, but I just loved the colors.

underhill yarn

Then we worked our way back around to the main building area. On the second floor was a booth with overalls and coveralls. We learned that the company is Rosies Workwear inspired by Rosie the Riveter and all of their clothing is made specifically for women. This was where our big purchase was. Overalls, in petite, with tons of pockets (I love pockets), removable knee pads, adjustable waist, and zip off legs to make a summer version. Wow! I chose the eggplant color.


At this point, we needed more sustenance. We started seeing people walking around with dishes of what looked like ice cream and followed their trail. It was actually Coconut Bliss, a non dairy, non soy, gluten free frozen treat. There were quite a few flavors to choose from, but my love of chocolate led us to share a dish of the dark chocolate variety. OH. MY. GOOOOODNESSS!! It was absolutely delicious and I will be looking for it in the stores. Also, they have a very cute animated story about their start.

We saved the indoor booths for last. It was a little bit of sensory overload indoors. And so many different companies/products. I did love the colors in the Youghiogheny Yarns booth, which the owner hand dyes and paints.

yough yarns

The last thing we did was attend a session on making yogurt. It doesn’t seem that difficult, and when I started talking with friends about it, more of them said they had made it before than I had anticipated (I had anticipated no one would have made it before). We are definitely going to try it very soon.

There was so much more that we saw and vendors whom we talked to, but this is a good sampling. We had a really great day together. During the drive I talked about my desire to find another hobby or two, besides the gardening and baking and Fargo-ing, to add to my life. I am still feeling like I’m Empty Nest lost. Stay tuned for when I add a new category to this blog called Hobby Adventures. I’m going to try a bunch and I’ll take you along with me as I do.