A Stunning Saturday

It was 22.8 degrees when I woke up yesterday and it felt COLD. We spent the early half of the morning cleaning, working on the bathroom, doing the glamorous things that dog owners do (cleaning the yard). We then drove almost an hour to visit a small running store I read about online because, although I’ve tried not to whine about it, I’m still looking for new sneakers that will work for me. It turns out the shop had closed, but luckily a new one opened in the same location. The owners were very nice and took time to chat and tried hard to help. I will be doing a mile or two on the treadmill tomorrow to try out the new pick and I will report back. Today I’ll be in the beat up Cliftons for a 9 miler.

By the time we got home, the sky was a beautiful blue, it was super sunny but the air was cool. It was an absolutely stunning Saturday afternoon, just my favorite weather. The sky made a beautiful backdrop for the blossoms on our apricot trees. Hopefully, the beautiful blossoms will lead to many apricots.

apricot blossoms

Fargo loves loves loves to hang outside with us. I caught him in a rare, quiet moment.

fargo tree

I started the fun job of pulling staples out of the old sections of fence so that we can reuse the coated wire for the new fence. You can see that the wood had really disintegrated in places. This is partly because I insisted on using untreated wood near the place where we grow food. It did last way longer than we anticipated, so that was nice.

broken fence

And, to top the day off, I tried a new recipe. I had almost all of the ingredients (we are sorely in need of a trip to the grocery store) for 5 Ingredient Granola Bars. I did have to substitute cashews in for almonds. The recipe says you can add other ingredients, so I also included dried cranberries and some mini dark chocolate chips.

The dates I had this time were much more moist than the last batch, which was exactly how they needed to be for this.


I opted to toast the oats, though I’m not sure if it made a huge difference in texture or taste. Here they are, with the rest, ready for the pb and honey.

dry granola

I did my best to press it all down as tightly packed as possible. It mostly held together when I took it out of the glass dish.

granola bar slab

I think I will try it without the cranberries next time. For some reason, even though I didn’t really put that many in, the cranberries seemed to overwhelm the flavor of everything else for me. Hubby had no complaints 🙂

granola bars



The spring after we moved into our house, we focused on the garden. There were a few areas that looked to be garden like, with raspberries in the middle. Our home is in a highly trafficked deer area, not to mention groundhogs, bunnies, etc., and we knew a fence would be necessary.

Hubby built an entire fence that spring and we were able to get a few veggies started as well. This picture (from a previous post) shows the fence, our amazing garden as it has been the last 10 years, as well as the blueberry structure he built a few years ago.

tim garden

It was a beautiful fence, but it’s been disintegrating over the last few years and it is time to replace it. We are planning a smaller garden this year so that there is more time to get outdoor projects done, and this is one of them.

Yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day for early March so I took advantage of the weather and, as they say on Fixer Upper, it was “demo day.” I started fence demo by removing the screws I could, some would not budge for me and I didn’t want to strip any. Rarely could I get all four in a section. Hubby was able to come through and deal with the rest to remove sections.

Fence removal

Fargo supervised…

Fence removal fargo

Almost an entire side is gone. It’s supposed to rain today, maybe it will be “demo day” inside and the bathroom project will get started.

There were a lot of projects that went on while the kids were growing up (hubby has a never ending “to do” list), but often I wasn’t as involved as I am now. Having an empty nest gives me time to think up lots of new project ideas. We have been totally enjoying episodes of Fixer Upper together, which makes me a little dangerous because, I end up with too many ideas for this house. Hubby (mostly) patiently listens to my ideas, and then continues on with what he is doing.