Spring Teaser

Yesterday morning the temp was 25, with a “real feel” of 8. The night before, the wind was howling and gusting like crazy. Tomorrow, it is supposed to reach the low 60s. This has been one of the more bizarre winters in terms of weather. Temps in the low 60s, led me to think about this:

seed starting

Which then led to thinking about this:


Which naturally led to this:

spring planting

As I was looking for pictures to represent where my line of thought was going, I came upon two pictures that fall into the category, “you never know what you’ll see while working out in the garden.”

hot air balloon

The flame throwers in those suckers are loud, especially when they go right over top of your head. Then again, the next one wasn’t so much loud, as a sound we didn’t recognize and were trying to figure out as we saw this:

motorized parachute

A motorized parachute, which was a first for us.

So, maybe tomorrow the bizarre winter weather of 60+ in February (and, of course, no kid commitments any more due to that darn VERY empty nest) will let us get a head start on garden prep, or ripping down the garden fence, or weeding, or…the list is never ending. Whatever we opt to work on, Fargo will be supremely happy to be out with us after too much time indoors the past few weeks.