Hobby Adventures: Photography

Well, my first attempt at a higher level of photography beyond cell phone pictures wasn’t exactly smooth. A few years ago we gave the girls some pretty nice cameras for the holidays and I borrowed the eldest’s when we saw her last weekend (a Canon T5i). She was nice enough to let me keep it and play around with it until we see her again in December, so I can decide if I want to invest in a camera for myself.

Hubby and I went on some beautiful sunrise hikes while visiting her. I brought the camera along on Saturday, but was so afraid of missing the beauty that I mostly used my phone for pictures. When I did actually try to use the camera, I could NOT get it to work. Turns out, having the battery in the camera is helpful. Ooooops….

The eldest and I were going to sit down together for her to show me a few things about the camera Saturday night, but I fell asleep. So, on Sunday, I figured I would just give it a go…this time with the battery in place.

It seemed to me like everything was a little blurry through the viewfinder and on the digital screen, but it was sunrise and fairly dark. I tried taking a few pictures with the hope that it was either my eyes or the lighting. It wasn’t.

TP blurry

TP Blurry II

What a bummer!!!

I played with the zoom and was somehow able to get some beautiful shots, but so many more of these would have been amazing if I had known that the lens was set to MANUAL and not automatic. Sigh…

Here are a few of the successes.






I really enjoyed using the camera, so, I will try to learn more and I will use the camera for food, Fargo and fun stuff over the next few months. Hopefully my skills will improve.